Hi, I’m Dr. Menlo.com. Welcome to Sensual Liberation Army Saves The World! –Will it? It’s up to you! Now, this was all my idea–tasteful nudes (i.e.: no big hair, silicone, bleachy blondes, etc.) promoting sensuality for a good cause–the links on the right. Now, those aforementioned non-profit links on the right will grow, as will the sensual links on the left–this blog at launch is still in the bare bones stage. This is my own experimental attempt to merge sensuality and activism–which seems to me to be a rapidily growing meme–well, enough of the chitterchatter–Pagan Moss, formerly of Seattle’s own legendary peep show the Lusty Lady, will be taking the First Mistress helm, but due to some logistics problem I came on to intro . . . Pagan Moss will only temporarily be using her Yahoo! email addy here–I have to set her up with a paganmoss@drmenlo.com address . . . Er, an SLA Mission will be forthcoming, as well as Free Galleries (of Nature Boys & Girls and Alternative Chicks!) . . . and much much more . . . thank you for coming, and please come back often! Fresh Nudes Daily! Sensual Liberation Army Saves The World!!!