Collapsity – you’re bathing in it.

You hear me, America? You are bathing in it. You are in it up to your skullcaps. You developed schools to make good factory workers and then you shipped all your factories overseas. You gave the keys to your society to the corporations and military-industrial-congressional complex and you have been thusly, richly raped. Blood and sweat and deformed semen are streaming down your legs and you are oblivious to this, swatting instead at fictitious enemies from the land of make-believe.

The money is gone and is not coming back. It is overseas now, guarded and lost. Your population has been left to crumble. You have been divided into two colors while your real overlord laughs and counts the cash.

Either shoot yourself or shoot each other or rebuild from the bottom up.

Face your collapsity.

Then decide what to do next.

– thus opens Collapsity: When All Falls Down At Once, the pre-apocalyptic adventure-satire I am writing for NaNoWriMo.


Collapsity follows several characters through the end of the Great Recession and on into the eventual collapse of world society and the warming of the planet into the dreaded plus two degrees worldwide average celsius resulting in positive feedback deathspin (and an additional four degrees from there). Tip Wire is a former internet guru who has fallen on hard times visited by an old friend he never actually met who impels him into action: Tip is shown what will happen and must act. Some of the other characters include Layla: East Indian premed student and online adult cam star, Lance Lantern: hunky Dilf with an unhealthy obsession for a specific kind of zombie killing which there is no evidence for, the super rich and very sociopathic incestuous twins Don and Donna, and Athena, a passionate old school environmental activist who might be a little too old school for the modern world. A minivan turns into a caravan, a road trip is ensued, a promised land chased. And on the way Tip plants the seeds of science so that hopefully when – if – mankind raises again, it will never do this to itself again.

Collapsity opens here.

Collapsity continues here with a cameo by Michael Caine (yea, I know that guy is everywhere).

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– menlo the white