The Best of Alterati

Alterati – a site at which I co-edit – tries to give an “inside scoop from the outside culture,” generally focusing on the bleeding edges of art, tech, thought and sexuality. While it has a user-generated tube section, a forum and a podcast, some of my favorite stuff there is the articles, profiles and interviews that have been posted to the blog.

Here are just a few of the best: The Yellow Sign: Timothy Leary’s Neurocomics and Promethea by Alan Moore, Wake Up Neo: There Is No Counterculture You Twit, The Unofficial Music Video Phenomenon, Amateur Porn Web Development, The G-spot Episode #8: The Meta-ad Erector Kit, Jackass For Stoners: Salvia Divinorum and User Driven Media, Butcher, Spiraleyes and More: An Interview with Camella Grace, First-Hand First Fridays #1: Phoenix AZ, The Beast Frequencies and Hippy Freakouts of Paul Bourre, Ethnogenic Interludes, First-Hand First Fridays #3: The Ghosts of the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum, The Esoteric Hip Hop Knowledge of The Black Dot, Altered Statesman: An Interview with Philip Farber, Post-Genre Blues #4: Chronicle DVD, The Chicago Underground Music Trio, Parallel Universes, Alien Religions and Carl Jung: An Interview With Clifford Pickover and a response to Naomi Wolf’s silly piece on porn – “The Porn Myth” – by your proprietor, Dr. Menlo.