Sensual Liberation Army

See Some Nudes / Save the World!

SLA Fetish Network

The first – the main – started at Sensual Liberation Army in 2000. Was possibly the first sex blog/nudes blog. Moved to its own domain, this, in 2004. Was created as a guerrilla activist site – designed to subvert internet nudes traffic to good cause sites. [“See some nudes/Save the world!” and “The revolution will be sensualized.”] An attempt to use only sex-positive erotica sites was made, with women of different sizes, colors and shapes – most important was the smile.

SLA, also seen in: the San Francisco Chronicle, XBiz and on Fleshbot, who said: “We here at Fleshbot have been huge fans of Sensual Liberation Army ever since we were still wearing our porn blogging training wheels . . .” Also: on Playboy Radio and in the Seattle Weekly, among others.

SLA would not be where it was today without the generous linkage of Indie Nudes, a site we still aspire to be more like (he is amazingly adept at providing fresh routes and combating link rot, all with amazing visual simplicity – all-in-all chock-filled erotic goodness).

Then, for hardcore, came Sexual Liberation Army.

Then, the first round of additional fetish domains: Hairy Girl Central, Mochahotties [“The age of white women is over. Mochahotties will rule the world. No white women allowed – unless they have a serious tan.”], Naked Planet, Bisexual Liberation Army (to make a set with Sensual Lib and Sexual Lib), Grassygirl and Hedonist Health.

Second round of fetish sites include: Naked Bookworms, Foot Fetish Utopia, Shaved Punani, Bare Naked Mamas, Tatted Beauty, Grassyboy (to bookmark Grassygirl), Gamer Nudes, Babyoiled and Mobile Porn Hut.

Additional: Abby Winters Rocks, Girls Out West Rocks and Sex Positive Portal.

Dr. Menlo’s non-adult sites:
American Samizdat, the Dr. Menlo show, Machinina TV, Vegan Soul Food, Progressive Command Center and 420 Utopia.

Dr. Menlo Blogs From Space!, Ubikhead, Slick n’ Dirty, Gimmicky.

2 be Retooled
Bare and Spare

Coming Soon?
Mezzano – “Make yourself your best creation.”
DocumentaryEd – “Like Phys Ed – Only Smarter”
Vegan Taqueria – dunno, but a great business idea. Especially for a rambling food truck.
Goddess Cult
Georgetown Gonzo – the first college humor paper put online, founded by Dr. Menlo. This newspaper is also the source of the “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten” meme.

. . . and several more . . .

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