*Potential Mega Awesome Karmic Level Up Conduit

[not actually Dr. Menlo]

Oct 2017

Dr.Menlo/Ubikhead Industries has never asked for support in 17 years of running 60+ websites, and we’re not asking now – but we are putting this conduit up just in case a generous soul wants to come along and boost us with a mega awesome karmic level up. We surely would appreciate it.

In addition to the karma tho, the following 2 options would really help with our more prosaic concerns, like servers, cat food, anti-hacker lessons, broken eyeglass tape, gently used tea bags . . .



drmenlo at gmail dot com



Or Buy Something Here

We know, consumerism is bad, but a) in 17 years we never promoted a product or site we didn’t personally believe in, b) most of our affiliate product is digital and c) all highly vetted.


mature / milf
All Over 30

sex toys
As You Like It

[top part copied from Dr.Menlo/Ubikhead Industries Support page]