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Collapsity: When All Falls Down At Once


collapsity: when all falls down at once
Collapsity: When All Falls Down At Once, by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

Available now. Ecopunk, picaresque, satire, comedy, black comedy, adventure story, thriller, mystery, techno-thriller, scifi, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, utopian, ecotopian, clifi: file as. Early praise:

“POWERFUL WOW WRITING, really! I felt like I was at the birth of something new; I felt like I was reading a new kind of prose ala Richard Brautigan or Tom Robbins or Douglas Adams, but it was you, Dr. Menlo!!!! [Diefenbeck]” Dan Bloom, who coined “clifi” [see also: CLI FI CENTRAL]

“It has a kind of graphic-novel-without-illustrations slash Bukowski-vernacular slash Saramago-symbolism mash-up kind of thing happening. I’m impressed.” – some guy

Approx. 246 pages for 2.99! Buy here here here.

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