Collapsity: Level One

collapsity level one

This is a dark journey. With jokes.
This is a work of fiction, and a satire – especially pertaining to those ‘famous’ peoples mentioned, none of whom actually posed for the writing of this book.
There is sex and violence in these pages, as it is about adults, mostly. If you like your books expurgated, I don’t know what the hell you are doing here.

This book is about the collapse and potential salvation of humanity. There are no fucking gods anywhere. There will also be cussing.

1. Black Helvetica on White Bond
COLLAPSITY – YOU’RE BATHING in it.  You hear me, America?  You are bathing in it. 
You are in it up to your skullcaps.  You developed schools to make good factory workers and then you shipped all your factories overseas.  You gave the keys to your society to the corporations and military-industrial-congressional complex and you have been thusly, richly raped.  Blood and sweat and deformed semen  are streaming down your legs and you are oblivious to this, swatting instead at fictitious enemies from the land of make-believe.
The money is gone and is not coming back.  It is overseas now, guarded and lost.  Your population has been left to crumble.  You have been divided into two colors while your real overlord laughs and counts the cash.
Either shoot yourself or shoot each other or rebuild from the bottom up.
Face your collapsity.
Then decide what to do next.

Collapsity: a serial novel – here is the first of 3 installments. 75 pages for 2.99 on your Kindle.

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