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Not My President T-Shirt

November 13, 2016 by MossHeart | 0 comments

not my prez tee

Buy @ Zazzle.

T-shirt for men. Trucker hat. Coffee mug.

“Developing. More to come. More designs, more products. But voila: introducing the upside-down T.

“Inspired by the upside down flag as a symbol of distress, and always leaning minimalist, what better than an upside-down T? Even better, what it looks like.” drmenlo

March 28, 2008
by MossHeart

foreclosed pets

Foreclosures Slam Doors On Pets, Too Previously: Animals Left Behind, Forgotten, Owners Lose Homes, Abandon Pets. See also: Foreclosure Cats Are ready For Adoption! and The HSUS Launches Grant Program to Help Families Care for Pets Through Tough Financial Times.