SLA Stands With The Brave Bikini Baristas Of Everett!

Bikini barista: Everett’s new ordinance violates my freedom of expression

If you have not traveled to the PNW, you may not be familiar with our roadside bikini baristas.

. . . like something out of a Tom Robbins novel, right? But it’s actually true! Eros clearly resides in Ecotopia rising . . .

(We know there is a huge Tumbr repository of bikini barista pics, list developing . . . Here’s ours, by the way – returning soon.)

Water Defense

Water Defense

Fuck fracking. Clean water is more important. And watch Gasland. We need non-carbon energy sources and we need it now. Natural gas, my ass. After the gas is mixed with all the chemicals sent into it – the more apt phrase would be ‘carcinogenic gas.’ Can you imagine buses with the phrase ‘Powered by Cancer Gas’ attached to their side? If only there were truth in advertising . . .